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Trying New Things: Artist Blog

I'm not a blogger. Heck I'm not even a writer. I have struggled to write a story of my own ever since we had that 3rd year class at the Kubert School with our teacher Michael Kraiger. We each had to come up with an original story or concept for an original IP (intelectual property) for our final projects. The first thing that comes to your mind is whatever story you created when you were a kid, trying to imitate your favourite heroes. My story was called "Lumbra", which name I changed to "Fallstar", and it turned out to be not as sucky as I thought. The point is I'm more comfortable drawing scribbles with a pen or a pencil than typing away in a computer.

As I'm writing my first blog post in what seem as ages, I can't help but ask, why am I doing it? What is the purpose a blog? I feel like I should be drawing instead of writing. This led me to more questions. Should this be part of an artist repertoire? What does it take to be an artist these days? Do you have to be a blogger, a marketing expert as well as a social media expert?

Well, yes and no.

I don't have a specific answer to this questions, but I feel that the more I surround myself with talented and knowledgeable people, the closer I will be to find my own answers. Since everyone has a different way of doing things, you just have to try what seems good for you and if it's not working out, you best try something else. This means getting out of your comfort zone and try new things. In a world with so much competition as the art world, you have to stand out and be different from the rest. Be some sort of renaissance man and do a little bit of everything to promote yourself and your work. 

But the important thing is to try new things.

And for me, one of those things is blogging. I will pour my thoughts and concerns in hopes that I can connect with you guys and we can all share this crazy train leading to a career doing that which Iove doing the most in this world: Drawing.

And if in the way to art town I make tons of new friends and colleges while helping you in your quest, the better off I'll be in the end.

Welcome to my blog.